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In order to meet the needs of high standard liquor label, roll deep embossing machine was launched grandly

In the face of high-end, personalized and anti-counterfeiting needs of wine label market customers, a deep embossing drum machine is urgently needed. Wenzhou Bangbao company takes customer satisfaction as its own responsibility, absorbs the technology of single sheet deep embossing machine and combines with its own years of die-cutting machine manufacturing experience to innovate and launch drum deep embossing machine. The machine adopts left and right deviation correction photoelectric control, left and right positioning, front and rear positioning adopts high-end tracking photoelectric, which makes the product perfect automatic alignment, greatly reduces manual work and improves efficiency. The use of deep embossed label product grade has been significantly improved, but also greatly improve the anti-counterfeiting effect of the product, so that it wins in the market competition.

2017.12.5-12.8 Asia international label printing Exhibition

Whether you are choosing a printing press or printing materials, it is crucial that you have confidence in your final decision. So the best way is to see and understand all the alternatives in the same location.

The 18th Cross Strait (Longgang) printing and cultural industry expo in Longgang

Our company has a self-adhesive flexographic printing press, high-speed self-adhesive trademark die-cutting machine, high-speed slitting machine. Through this exhibition, the company not only signed many orders on site, but also made friends with a number of customers. Bangbao has you more wonderful!

Eight common problems and solutions of label die cutting

In the production of self-adhesive label, die-cutting is a very important link, the quality of die-cutting directly affects the quality of the final product. The self-adhesive label is mainly composed of three layers: surface material
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